Raleigh St Clair Day at

Raleigh St Clair Day at

How could anyone not love a hopeless shlemiel like Raleigh St. Clair? (“RSC”)

Sure, he does not get the girl, and some might argue that perhaps he had ulterior motives for spending so much time with a teenage boy, but we love him nonetheless.


In fact, don’t you think it is time that RSC got a key to the City Of Raleigh?  Maybe we could have RSC day in the City of Raleigh.  At a minimum, it would make a great pub crawl.

raleigh st clair pub crawl

Think about it. We could all dress up in denim blazers and walk around with reel to reel recorder.  All girlfriends get to cheat on you with anyone wearing a tennis headband, and everyone named Dudley gets a free shot.


raleigh st clair pub crawl

Attention all bars in Raleigh: Email publisher @ and let us know if you are available in August!

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