Be it just a single night or an extended stay, downtown Raleigh hotels are the best way to experience the city in style and comfort. Offering a multitude of amenities at its many five star hotels and more economical options, these hotels go above and beyond the call of customer service to make sure all guests receive the utmost in Southern hospitality. Raleigh is, after all, the capital of the state, and nothing is more important to the state’s home city than making sure its guests are well-accommodated.

hotels in downtown raleigh

Popular amenities at the more upscale downtown Raleigh hotels include large-scale business meeting rooms where local companies host out-of-town colleagues and industry leaders in day-long events. Several of these hotels feature business centers and studio facilities replete with media centers and audio-video equipment.

One of the highest rated downtown hotels is the Raleigh Marriott City Center, which is always thriving and bustling thanks to its central location. Located nearby are the Raleigh City Auditorium, Raleigh City Hall, and the Raleigh City Museums. Many corporations and vendors partaking in regular events at the Raleigh City Convention Center also prefer this hotel as it is both close by and home to a multi-media business center that helps businesses plan for large-scale meetings and events.

For guests who are in town purely for pleasure but want to maintain their regular workout regimens, there are many amenities such as fitness centers, indoor and outdoor pools, and Jacuzzis. Many hotels regularly host fitness and yoga classes for guests, in addition to trendy workouts like zumba and Bollywood dance classes.

A popular hotel for the fitness addict is the Clarion Hotel State Capital, which features a fitness room that always has guests busy with workouts and intense exercise regimens. The exercise room includes equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, weights, and fitness balls, all available to guests of the hotels at any time of day. Those who are especially ambitious can get information on scheduled yoga, dance, and fitness classes held in the hotel fitness room and in nearby facilities.

Guests who take in the local sights during the day and prefer to stay in at night can visit one of the many on-site restaurants located directly inside downtown Raleigh hotels. These eating establishments feature everything from traditional five-star cuisine to ethnic dishes and fast food, as well as full-service bars.

A great bar and lounge for both business and pleasure travelers is located inside the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, where managers work diligently to make the space as relaxing and inviting as possible. For those who have been sitting in meetings all day or who simply want a quiet place to unwind after a day of shopping and sightseeing, the Sheraton Club Lounge offers plenty of hors d’oeuvres and beverages to choose from.

No matter what the reason for their visit to the city, downtown Raleigh hotels are the starting point for a successful trip that encompasses all the comfort, convenience, and courtesy synonymous with the region.

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